Annual Pumpkin Illumination


Kadie and Dan had a brilliant idea “let’s light up the night with jack-o-lanterns! We were inspired by the reflecting pond, the natural promenade alongside it, and the location in the heart of downtown. When we talk about building community from the bottom up, this is what we mean. 

 A simple idea that excited the community as much as it excited us! Almost 10 years strong the event has grown to include engagement at its best. Through creative partnerships with local schools, a jazz band and the creation of life size masks by Dan Fenelon, the magic unfolded. We purchased tons of battery operated lights to highlight the masks and finally accomplished our goal of creating a family friendly version of “Burning Man” for all to enjoy.  


We believe that when we honor the past, our efforts are given an extra boost of energy that confirms our believe that the earth and soil of a town retains its memory. 

This project was a true act of love for many reasons. As the grandchildren of immigrants, we were inspired by the determination and strength of the diverse community where we launched this effort. The Totem Project was a collaboration between developers, arts organizations, the community garden, generous donors, the NEA and of course the community. Please see the video and read the credits!  Take note of the talented artist, documentary filmmaker and composer that made this journey unforgettable.





When a company believes its mission is to help transform the lives of their employees and those they serve, it’s an honor to work with them. Working with the staff and the children who benefit from their medical devices, Dan Fenelon created an art experience that helped transform an office building into a community space. 

We believe the act of creating art as a team can result in more satisfied and productive employees.



Atlantic Health Care

Health care workers are surrounded by challenges every day. Their daily life is filled with stress and many never have time to leave the hospital for lunch, walks or breaks. This Mural project helped to create a bright and cheerful distraction and also engaged everyone. Doctors, nurses, technicians, food service and housekeeping were all encouraged to participate by picking up a brush and joining in. The results were infectious and as word travelled more employees stopped by to look, chat, paint or comment.