Founded by

Husband + Wife Team

Kadie Dempsey and Dan Fenelon


Because they believe that their shared passion for creating more livable, authentic and vibrant communities would have a deeper impact if they combined their talents and resources.



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When the married founders of Core, Kadie Dempsey and Dan Fenelon, first met she was working for a philanthropist creating programs and services in the inner cities of NJ and he was working at a boutique design firm, a prolific fine artist in his own right.


Their collaboration blossomed when Dan began to accompany Kadie as she organized programs to feed the homeless in Newark. Using his fine art skills, Dan embarked on a series of murals in urban settings leading Kadie to recognize the potential impact of art as a tool for uplifting distressed settings and inspiring residents.


This began Dan’s career as a Public Artist, which dovetailed nicely with Kadie’s new job working as Director of Creative Placemaking for Morris Arts.  Together they began to think of new and innovative ways to collaborate in enriching and broadening the impact of the work they were doing as individuals.


Dan’s reputation as a muralist grew as Kadie continued her education at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Public Policy and Planning at Rutgers, receiving a Master Practitioner Certification in Creative Placemaking.


The two decided to branch out and start their own business “CORE Creative Placemaking” using their combined talents to

help transform public spaces into more vital and authentic places to live, work and play.


CORE designed a method that facilitates transformation using team building, creative visioning that results in actionable steps that will improve the quality of life in a town, municipality or company.






Kadie Dempsey, Partner

I have more than 15 years experience building successful and sustainable relationships in communities. I describe myself as “someone who connects the dots.”  As the Director of Arts in Community/

Creative Placemaking for a non-profit arts organization for over ten years, my experience has given me a deep understanding of how successful communities are built. I am a member of the advisory committee for both the National and New Jersey Consortium for Creative Placemaking and on the Arts taskforce of Sustainable New Jersey.  I received my Master Practitioner Certification in Creative Placemaking from The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University in 2013.

As a Creative Placemaker, my goal is to facilitate community engagement in a way that will build on what is already taking place and to teach people how to identify the leadership qualities within their own teams and communities..


Dan Fenelon, Partner

I was trained at the Arts Student League in New York City and graduated from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. I have had more than 15 solo shows in galleries from New York City to California, and have produced numerous large-scale community murals in several states.

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My murals have been commissioned by such prestigious organizations as the Tibet House, The Montclair Art Museum, and recently the Port Authority of New York City. My work infuses a mix of modern art with diverse cultural influences, and my passion is partnering with communities to create art that reflects the past, present, and future of its neighborhoods, towns, schools, health care facilities, and public spaces.

We believe creativity is a key component to successful engagement. It is important to trust that a group of individuals can create their own unique, authentic vision.


Brooks Dempsey Bono

Information Analyst


Sam Smouha

Urban Planner


Sheila D. McKoy

Artist Consultant